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& i was a hand grenade that never stopped exploding [entries|friends|calendar]
tastes like a rainbow

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[02 Apr 2011|10:59am]
I read books to stay alive. I wake up and the first thing I think to myself is a bad memory from yesterday and then this mantra of I hate myself I hate myself I hate myself... and then I catch myself and stop it and think to myself No you don't Lizzie you love yourself you love everything so a new mantra tries to undo its evil counterpart with I love everything I love everything I love everything... and then I hide my face under the covers and curl into a ball and a thought slithers out You should kill yourself. You should suffocate yourself with this blanket. But I haven't yet finished the book I've been reading. Fine.
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stolen from the lovely madelinejoy [30 Dec 2010|03:01pm]
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[17 Nov 2010|04:03am]

language poetry

yes i enjoy the post modern rejection of the authority of the writer over the reader
no i actually like poems to mean something
you just don't GET IT, do you?
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